Seven Years Strong

Seven Years Strong

Seven years ago this month, Aviator Advisory was born (albeit with a different name at that time).

Whilst growing this business has been challenging at times, it has also been extremely rewarding, particularly thanks to all of you, our wonderful clients, business partners and supporters.

Over the last seven years, we have been through:

  1. Regulator intervention into the finance industry, effectively putting the brakes on lending to certain cohorts and increasing lending criteria across the board;
  2. A Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, which saw lending criteria and processes more heavily scrutinised and as a result affecting finance applications industry wide; and most recently
  3. A pandemic which is now into its second year, that has seen world economies rattled and countries (including ours) completely locked down even to this day.

Despite these external challenges, we continue to support our clients and have been able to help them to:

  • Purchase their first home;
  • Purchase their first business;
  • Purchase their first investment property;
  • Undertake their first property development;
  • Build the home of their dreams;
  • Buy their forever home;
  • Expand their business to the next level;
  • Increase their property portfolio;
  • Construct apartment buildings;
  • Buy luxury vehicles;
  • Expand their property holdings inside or outside their SMSF;
  • Fund extensive share portfolios;
  • Even keeping their lenders honest and helping with substantial interest & fee savings along the way.

We have also continued to grow in loan volume and clientele despite the challenges we have faced. We are proud to have achieved the success that we have to date, and the fact that this young and healthy business has made it through some of the roughest financial and social times we have had on record.

Again, this is all thanks to our loyal clients, business partners and supporters. We certainly couldn’t have achieved any of this without your continued support so THANK YOU 🙏. We would also like to thank our lender BDMs for their continued support, you know who you are 😉.

Here’s to many more years serving our valued clients and working with our business partners and lenders. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenges (maybe not all of them 😅) and continually empowering our clients to define their own success.

With sincere thanks,

Luay Khreish